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Changes to Child Support

The divorce attorneys at Froerer & Miles discuss modification to child support payments, why they may be needed, and how to negotiate them.

Robert L. Froerer Feb 18, 2020

Family Law and Back Child Support

Froerer & Miles can help recover child support that you are owed. Deadbeat parents need to be held accountable for their legal obligations.

Robert L. Froerer Sep 12, 2019

How Is Debt Divided in a Divorce?

The attorneys of Froerer & Miles help protect clients' interest when dividing debt in a divorce. Find out how they can help you.

Robert L. Froerer Mar 15, 2019

Divorce vs. Legal Separation

Family law attorneys at Froerer & Miles help patients understand the key differences regarding divorce vs. legal separation.

Robert L. Froerer Oct 23, 2018

Divorce and Retirement Accounts

The experienced attorneys at Froerer & Miles can ensure that retirement accounts are properly divided in the event of a divorce.

Robert L. Froerer Aug 30, 2018

Dealing with Real Estate Disputes During a Divorce

A divorce can lead to disputes over real estate and the division of marital property. A lawyer from Froerer & Miles can help with these…

Robert L. Froerer Oct 12, 2017

Adultery and Divorce: Knowing Your Legal Options

Adultery can have a major bearing on divorce and separation cases. Our Utah-based family law attorneys can help with these legal matters.

Robert L. Froerer Jun 14, 2017

The Steps Involved in Divorce

The attorneys of Froerer & Miles can help clients understand all the steps involved in divorce so they know what to expect at every stage…

Bryce M. Froerer Feb 12, 2017

Fault and No Fault Divorce: What Is the Difference?

There are notable difference between fault and no fault divorces. Our marriage and family law attorneys have compared them.

Robert L. Froerer Oct 13, 2016

Divorce and Property Division: Understanding Utah Law

Following a divorce, dividing property between former spouses can prove difficult. Let's consider the laws in Utah.

Robert L. Froerer May 21, 2016

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