When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney By Robert L. Froerer on August 21, 2023

model house sitting on a pile of moneyMost people handle one or more real estate transactions throughout their life. Often, people proceed with these types of transactions with the help of a real estate agent. While Utah law does not require a real estate attorney when buying or selling a property or handling other real estate-related transactions, it can be extremely beneficial.

Here, real estate attorneys at Froerer & Miles, who serve individuals from Ogden, UT, LaytonUT, and surrounding areas, discuss situations when it’s appropriate to hire a real estate attorney and how that decision can save a person time, stress, and money in the long run.

When Buying or Selling Property

Buying or selling property or entering into a rental agreement requires a contract. Real estate agents can market a property for sale or rent and make sure contracts are filled out properly, but they cannot provide legal advice. 

A real estate attorney can review real estate contracts to ensure they adhere to state laws. Real estate attorneys can also draw attention to any aspects of the contract with the potential to cause issues in the future. It is the real estate attorney’s responsibility to look out for their client’s best interest so they avoid timely and costly disputes down the line.

When Making a Property Transfer

People may assume that transferring a property between a corporation, trust, or partnership is a straightforward process, but it is more complex than marketing and selling a property. We highly recommend hiring a real estate attorney to oversee negotiations and contract preparation for a property transfer to ensure it is within the legal boundaries of Utah’s real estate laws.

When Conducting a Title Search

Before purchasing a property, buyers should conduct a title search to verify ownership and identify any outstanding liens or holds. Real estate titles are public records, but conducting a title search can be a timely process for someone without legal experience. A real estate attorney can conduct a title search quickly and effectively.

When Filing a Real Estate Deed

Filing a real estate deed at the county or state level can be time-consuming and complex. A real estate attorney can file a real estate deed promptly while navigating issues such as zoning regulations, building permits, business licenses, etc. Getting real estate deeds filed correctly helps our Ogden clients avoid costly fines that are incurred when documents are filed incorrectly.

When Handling a Real Estate Dispute

Hiring a real estate attorney to oversee real estate transactions is the best way to avoid disputes. Unfortunately, many people fail to hire a real estate lawyer until a problem arises. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist clients in reaching a favorable settlement for real estate disputes involving:

  • Contracts and leases
  • Title clearance
  • Zoning regulations
  • Boundary and easement issues

Is a Real Estate Attorney Worth the Cost?

Cost is usually the main deterrent when choosing whether or not to hire a real estate attorney. People sometimes hesitate to further the expense of an already costly real estate transaction. However, the value brought by a real estate attorney is well worth any attorney fees. A real estate attorney ensures business and real estate transactions are conducted correctly the first time, which can save time, stress, and money in the future.

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