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Real Estate Attorney

Real estate transactions are a major undertaking for everyone from first-time buyers to commercial real estate entrepreneurs.

While not required by Utah state law, a real estate attorney can provide numerous valuable services when buying or selling a property.

Learn how the real estate attorneys at Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, can save you time and money during a real estate transaction...


Tracy E.

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I appreciate the time and professionalism of Bob and his team in handling my legal matters. Their response to inquiries was always prompt and questions we answered to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Froerer & Miles.

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Angela B.

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Knowledge, detailed and kind to clients. Made things happen in a timely manner.

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Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Purchasing property is a complicated process and a major investment. When considering the costs involved, it may seem like hiring a lawyer is just adding overhead to an already expensive undertaking. In reality, hiring legal help focused on real estate law can help you close the deal and avoid pitfalls that might cost you valuable time and a lot more money in the long run.

Many buyers and sellers do not consider hiring a real estate lawyer until a problem arises. Because of this, much of our commercial and residential real estate practice is devoted to resolving disputes or handling litigation. At the law firm of Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, we know that every transaction is unique and must be considered carefully with each individual client’s best interests in mind. For a fraction of the cost of litigation, attorney Bob Froerer and his team can review any proposed real estate transaction to make certain the deal is right for you.

Protect Your Interests

The attorneys at Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, represent individuals, families, and businesses in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. In every matter, our goal is to make sure things get done right the first time. Our real estate lawyers each have spent more than a decade helping in these matters, and you can depend on them to provide effective legal services in a number of real estate matters, including:

When it comes to these and other real estate issues, we can explain any applicable laws and work closely with you in reviewing any contracts or agreements so that you know what your rights and obligations are. Once your concerns have been satisfied, we will work to conduct your business as promptly and efficiently as possible. We welcome clients from throughout Layton and greater Ogden.

To schedule a free consultation at our Ogden, UT, legal firm, contact us online or call:

(801) 621-2690

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Brittany J.

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I have had the pleasure of working with the Froerer and Miles Law firm and they are an outstanding practice. They specialize in several different areas from personal injury, family law, estate planning and more. It has always been easy for me to speak directly with an attorney which I really appreciate. Everyone is kind and very thorough. I would highly recommend them for legal needs.

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Reid C.

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I had an unbelievable experience working with Froerer & Miles. They were extremely professional and handled all of my concerns beautifully. The thing I love about them is how personable and friendly they are. They are exceptional in every way and very good to work with! They helped me in some matters with my business and made everything comfortable for me as we figured things out. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who is going through divorce, bankruptcy, or just someone who needs some estate planning. Their team is top notch!

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How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help

real estate contract
To anyone but a real estate attorney, contracts can be incredibly difficult to understand. Let us help you understand your agreement before you commit to terms that you should not.

Contracts and Purchase Agreements

When drawing up contracts between two parties, be it between a buyer and seller or a tenant and landlord, you want to be sure your interests are protected. Real estate agents may have the training necessary to help you fill out contracts properly and to market and sell properties, but they are not qualified to give legal advice. Clients who have begun the process of negotiating with another party can benefit from the expertise of the real estate lawyers at our legal firm.

One of the attorneys at the law office of Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, can make sure that any contract adheres to all applicable state laws and addresses any specific issues that may have an effect on the future use. The earlier you involve qualified legal counsel in the process, the higher the likelihood of a successful negotiation due to the knowledge that all your legal bases are covered. This helps avoid additional costs that may accompany a cancellation or a contract breach. 

When developing a purchase agreement, it is important to make any changes and additions to reflect the buyer's and the seller's wishes. This will explicitly state any issues that need to be addressed before moving forward:

  • If there has been an alteration or addition, was it lawfully done?
  • If the buyer has plans to make changes to the real estate, may the plans be lawfully done?
  • What happens if during an inspection, asbestos, radon, termites, or lead-based paint is discovered?
  • What if hazardous waste is found?
  • What legal consequences occur if closing does not go through? What happens to the down payment?

A real estate deal can incredibly complex and multi-faceted. For buyers and sellers alike, the expertise of a real estate lawyer can prove far more valuable than the initial cost. We welcome clients from throughout Layton and Ogden to consult us at any point in these processes.

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There are many fine details that must be considered in these transactions. We are here to make sure your deal serves your best interests.

Title Search

A title search is a crucial step in any real estate transaction. This examination of public records confirms legal ownership and can reveal any outstanding claims or liens on a real estate holding. For any real estate deal to go through, a clean title is required. The lawyers at the law firm of Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, can perform a title search on behalf of a prospective buyer interested in making an offer on a piece of real estate. 

While conducting a title search, an attorney from our law firm will examine public records and legal documents to identify the vested owner of the real estate holding. This will reveal any loans, liens, judgments, or taxes due on the property. While it is technically possible for a buyer to conduct a title search, navigating the complexities of these records without legal know-how is a tricky process, to say the least. Without a thorough understanding of real estate law, overlooking an important detail can be all too easy. We are here to help clients throughout greater Ogden and Layton make sure this process is conducted correctly.

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From the moment you become interested in a property until the keys are in your hands, you can count on us to provide the guidance you need.

Speak to a Real Estate Attorney Today

The law firm of Froerer & Miles has served the needs of individuals and businesses in Ogden, Layton, Ogden, and across northern Utah for over six decades. Our five-attorney team is committed to providing our community full-service legal representation. Our lawyers thrive in challenging situations to offer our clients the help they need, when they need it. Froerer & Miles was built on the continuing tradition of cultivating and maintaining trustworthy relationships with our clients, our peers, and the courts. We believe in improving the lives of our clients and the community in which we serve and live.

The attorneys at Froerer & Miles approach the work we do in a practical manner. We hold honesty and hard work in high regard, and view ourselves as counselors as well as advocates for our clients. Our team values and respects your time and we understand that communication is a key part of establishing a lasting relationship. Providing each client with personal attention on a consistent basis is fundamental to the way our attorneys operate. Our policy is to return any calls and emails within 24 hours.

To schedule a free consultation with an Ogden real estate attorneycontact us online or call us at

(801) 621-2690

Froerer & Miles legal team
The Froerer & Miles legal team.

Property Transfers

Arranging a real estate transaction with a corporation, trust, or partnership involves far more complexity throughout the process of contract preparation and the corresponding negotiations. When you hire a lawyer from the law firm of Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, you benefit from our understanding of each different type of business arrangement and their respective legal boundaries within Utah real estate law. A contract drafted by one of our attorneys will be in accordance with Utah real estate law and the charter agreements of any corporation, partnership, or trust. 

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No matter how you plan to use the real estate you purchase, our attorneys can help curate a deal that helps you reach your goals with minimal delays or disputes.


A real estate lawyer from Froerer & Miles in Ogden can file a real estate deed at the county and state level promptly and efficiently. Your attorney can navigate the labyrinth of state regulations if the real estate location is in an area where zoning prohibits specific types of construction. For commercial real estate transactions, a lawyer can breeze past the bureaucratic hurdles the state of Utah has in place to obtain your tax identification number. For state tax purposes, our real estate attorneys can establish your sole proprietorship or corporation as a valid business entity. A real estate lawyer can also secure your business license through your local Utah municipality. 

Hiring a lawyer from the firm of Froerer & Miles can help you avoid surprise expenses further down the line. Failure to file the proper and applicable documents at the state and local level can lead to a number of costly consequences. If a real estate deed is not properly transferred from a partnership, trust, or corporation, both the buyer and seller may be hit with a variety of income and estate taxes. For example, building permits on wetlands must be properly filed because if they are not, the owner may face fines and structures may need to be rebuilt.

A commercial transaction must properly register the business with the state of Utah. Otherwise, the company may not receive a taxpayer identification number. This may force the business to close until it can establish the necessary filings to gain this number. 

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Closing on a real estate deal involves special costs that we can help you to understand.


For everyone involved, the closing of a real estate sale transaction is the most important step in the process. The deed and closing papers must be prepared to the letter of the law. Once the title passes from the seller to the buyer, the balance of the purchase price will be paid. A lawyer from Froerer & Miles can help explain closing costs to ensure fairness across the board. Last-minute disputes are not uncommon, and the help of an attorney can make this final step move forward as smoothly as possible.


Bill C.

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I have worked with them for over 6 years and could not speak more highly of them. They have been amazing to work with.

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Sharla D.

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Matt Miles was very professional and had my case settled in no time. I would highly recommend.

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Real Estate Lawyers Helping Sellers

Although not a requirement, having an attorney can prove as invaluable for sellers as it is for buyers. Realtors often use standard forms, and if a seller signs a brokerage agreement that does not deal with a number of legal issues, they may become liable to pay a brokerage commission even if a sale does not occur. Legal advice and guidance can help a seller navigate a brokerage agreement even if it is a standard form.

If you are selling a house on your own, our lawyers can review a home inspection to make sure that all relevant information, including defects or judgments, is made known to the buyer. This can reduce your chances of being sued by the buying party for failure to disclose information.

If the seller is dealing with a corporation or partnership, there are added layers of complexity. If the transaction is improperly completed due to not clearing title, failing to disclose specific defects, or violating a corporate charter for any reason, the seller may face a series of lawsuits by the entity and each of its individual partners.

An attorney from Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, cannot buffer you completely from the risk of facing this kind of litigation, but we will be able to mitigate these risks. With the help of one of our lawyers, you can secure a clear title and make the appropriate disclosures to avoid litigation.

Serving Northern Utah  since 1959

A lawyer from Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, who focuses on real estate can help you prepare and review documents relating to purchase agreements, title documents, transfer documents, and mortgage documents. Our lawyers can also take care of closings. If you face a tough situation such as a foreclosure or a short sale, we can help you through the process. Real estate is multi-faceted and can be overwhelmingly complicated. Hiring an attorney can help you avoid any number of complications as well as long-term issues that may result in disputes or penalties. 

The real estate lawyers at Froerer & Miles know clients may be reluctant to speak to an attorney out of a fear of the expense. We offer free consultations so that you can ask any questions you may have about how our team can help you in your real estate transactions. We offer you as little or as much counsel as you need. We can help from beginning to end, or help with specific aspects of a transaction. Our firm can help you resolve issues quickly, which in turn saves you money. 

To schedule a free consultation to learn more about our services, contact us online or call our Ogden office at

(801) 621-2690


Wendy M.

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I've worked with both Robert Froerer and Kelly Miles on real estate issues and estate executor issues. Their advice was spot on. Their prices are reasonable. I was able to speak to them within an hour of my phone call or email. I have no reservations about recommending their firm. I appreciate the help they have given me.

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Becky M.

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Mr. Froerer and Mr. Miles were very easy to work with and very helpful with all my questions. I appreciate their time and honesty!

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Froerer & Miles

The attorneys at Froerer & Miles have successfully represented clients in a wide range of practice areas since 1959. Our team of attorneys can protect your best interests in matters related to:

  • Family Law
  • Estate law
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Business Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Litigation

We offer free consultations and provide honest feedback to potential clients regarding their cases. To request your free consultation, contact us online or call us at (801) 621-2690.

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