Why Should Landlords Hire a Real Estate Attorney? By Robert L. Froerer on February 14, 2021

lease agreementPurchasing or selling property for use as a rental can leave landlords with many questions. A real estate attorney can provide valuable assistance to landlords throughout the process of purchasing or selling property intended for rental or lease use. 

At Froerer & Miles, our attorneys offer real estate services to help make the process of purchasing or selling property as smooth as possible, even in the event of disputes, zoning problems, or other issues that may arise in a real estate deal. If you require the assistance of a real estate attorney for landlords and live in Ogden, UT, Layton, UT, or a surrounding area, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with the attorneys of Froerer & Miles. 

What Is a Real Estate Attorney?

Buying and selling property is a process requiring extensive paperwork, including contracts, title searches, and transfer documents, that must follow local laws and regulations. Real estate attorneys are well versed in the intricacies of real estate law and can help landlords navigate through the process of buying and selling property. 

A real estate attorney can protect the interests of the party they represent in a real estate transaction, for example making sure contracts are appropriate and there are no outstanding liens on a property through a title search. 

Why Should Landlords Consider Hiring a Real Estate Attorney?

There are many reasons anyone purchasing or selling property should consider using a real estate attorney but for those who intend to lease or rent their property it’s even more important. The following are some crucial ways in which real estate attorneys are essential for landlords. 

Land Use and Zoning Regulations

When purchasing land to build multi-family housing or other commercial property, land use and zoning regulations need to be considered. A real estate attorney can help landlords navigate state and local regulations so that all necessary documents are filed correctly and on time.

Registering Businesses for Commercial Transactions

The state of Utah requires businesses to be registered for commercial transactions. A real estate attorney can identify when registration is required and help complete the process. 

Contract Writing and Review

Real estate attorneys can review contracts and help write purchase agreements to make sure that both the seller’s and buyer’s demands are explicitly addressed within the agreement. This may include things that need to be repaired within a property before closing or provide for provisions in the event problems, like asbestos, are revealed during inspection. 

Avoiding and Resolving Disputes

Although it’s common for people to turn to a real estate attorney once a dispute arises, having an attorney from the beginning of a property purchase or sale can help save money by avoiding disputes to begin with. 

If a dispute does arise during a real estate transaction, an attorney can help provide the best path forward and help resolve the situation.

Protect Your Interests

If you’re a landlord or planning to become one, a real estate attorney can help protect your interests when you’re ready to purchase or sell property. For more information about real estate attorney services, call (801) 621-2690 to schedule a consultation with our Ogden attorneys.

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