Child Custody and Holiday Schedules By Robert L. Froerer on May 13, 2019

Parent and child holding handsAt Froerer & Miles, our attorneys understand the complexity of child custody arrangements. We work hard to resolve any issues so that both parents can agree on a child custody arrangement that looks out for the child’s well-being above all else. That includes accounting for potential areas of contention, such as where the child will be on holidays.

Our attorneys work alongside our Ogden, UT area clients to create a child custody holiday schedule that will meet the unique needs of their family.

Why Do We Need a Holiday Schedule?

Even if a regular child custody schedule has been agreed upon, our attorneys advise our Ogden clients to create a separate holiday schedule. By creating a holiday schedule in advance, families can avoid running in to last-minute conflict that will place unwanted stress on the child.

There are several ways in which parents may choose to schedule the holidays. The three most common arrangements include alternating holidays, sharing the holidays, or allotting time for each parent to have their own holiday celebration.

Alternating Holidays

If a family chooses to alternate holidays, they make a list of major holidays and then designate which parent the child will be with on each day. The idea is to alternate so that, if the child is with the mother for Halloween, the child will spend Thanksgiving with the father, and so on.

The next year, the schedule is swapped so that each parent has the opportunity to enjoy the holidays that were missed the previous year.

Sharing Holidays

If parents live close by and have maintained an amicable relationship, they may choose to share holidays. When the holidays are shared, the child spends a portion of every designated holiday with each parent. For example, the child may wake up on Christmas morning and spend the morning with one parent, and then go to the other parent’s house later in the afternoon to complete the holiday there.

Celebrating with Each Parent

Another common holiday schedule option is giving each parent the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with the child. This arrangement does require some flexibility, because both parents will not celebrate on the exact day of the holiday.

Instead, if the child is scheduled to be with one parent on an important holiday, such as a birthday, the parents will designate another day (perhaps the weekend before) for the child to celebrate with the other parent.

Tips for Creating a Successful Holiday Schedule

Holiday schedules should ease tensions for our Ogden clients and allow children to enjoy the holidays without any guilt or stress about who they are spending their time with. To make a holiday schedule that is accommodating and successful, we offer these tips:

  • Work with attorneys who have experience with child custody arrangements
  • Stick to the designated schedule, but be flexible if last-minute issues (such as illness) come up
  • Be sure to account for all holidays that are important to your family
  • Create a schedule that works best for your child and family

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