Benefits of Hiring a Probate and Estate Administration Attorney By Robert L. Froerer on June 02, 2023

Individual signing legal paperworkThe death of a loved one is never easy. Acting as an estate administrator or executor can make the grieving process even more complex and difficult. Surviving loved ones do not have to face this burden alone. The probate lawyers at Froerer & Miles, which serves individuals from Ogden, UT, Layton, UT, and surrounding areas, help executors and administrators determine an estate’s value, pay debts, and distribute the remaining estate to rightful beneficiaries. Here, we discuss the benefits of hiring a probate and estate administration attorney to work on your behalf throughout this potentially complicated process.

A Probate Lawyer Can Locate Assets

After being granted access to a deceased’s estate, one of the first tasks a probate attorney has is locating the estate’s assets. During this process, a probate or estate administration attorney can prove invaluable. It is not uncommon for surviving loved ones to be unaware of all the descendant’s possessions and assets. A probate lawyer thoroughly reviews insurance policies, tax returns, and other documents to identify property and other financial assets.

Locating assets is essential because it protects any real estate by ensuring that mortgages, property taxes, and insurance fees are kept current. This prevents properties from going into foreclosure during the probate process. Asset location also identifies financial accounts such as stocks, bonds, investments, and retirement accounts so funds are secured throughout the probate process.

An Attorney Can Complete The Probate Process More Quickly

Probate can be a lengthy and complicated process. The process can be extended even longer if mistakes are made. Errors when filling out forms, failure to give proper notice to all necessary parties, failure to obtain necessary signatures, and failure to file documents before deadlines pass can significantly delay probate proceedings. Hiring a probate or estate administration attorney makes the process go more quickly because time-consuming errors are avoided.

A Probate Attorney Minimizes the Potential for Disputes

Errors throughout the probate process do more than drag out proceedings; they also open the door for disputes. When errors are made or matters are handled unprofessionally, creditors and heirs are more likely to get involved. At worse, executors can face legal action and be held personally liable for financial errors.

A probate or estate administration attorney handles proceedings correctly to minimize the potential for disputes. Should disputes arise, a probate lawyer resolves them quickly to reduce the financial burden on the estate and all involved parties.

A Probate Attorney Reduces Stress on the Family

A probate attorney greatly reduces stress on surviving family members by locating assets, notifying appropriate parties, paying debts, and handling court matters quickly and correctly. This is perhaps the most important benefit of hiring a probate or estate administration attorney because it allows loved ones to focus on their grieving process.

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In the aftermath of a loved one’s death, a probate or estate administration attorney can streamline legal proceedings to allow family members time to focus on their emotional recovery. To learn how the probate lawyers at Froerer & Miles can be of assistance to you, send us a message and schedule a consultation at our Ogden law firm.

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