Car Accidents at Intersections By Robert L. Froerer on April 15, 2019

Aftermath of an auto accident near an intersectionAuto accidents can happen anywhere, from the suburbs to remote roads in sparsely populated areas. Wherever and whenever collisions happen, our Utah attorneys can help. The lawyers of Froerer & Miles understand the kinds of catastrophic injuries that can occur during car accidents, which is why we fight diligently for our clients and their loved ones every step of the way.

Intersections are common places where collisions occur. Whether it’s a quiet four-way stop or a busy area near a highway off ramp, these kinds of collisions must always be taken seriously. Let’s go over some facts about intersection crashes.

Statistics on Intersection Collisions

According to an older comprehensive study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 2,307,000 intersection collisions in 2008. For perspective, intersection accidents accounted for 40 percent of all crashes that year.

Looking at NHTSA numbers from the state of Utah, there were 58 fatalities in intersection crashes or collisions related to intersections. That accounts for 21.2 percent of all crash fatalities that year. In 2016, there were 78 intersection collision fatalities, which accounted for 27.7 percent of fatal vehicle crashes that year.

Numbers like these should help you understand why intersection crashes are taken seriously by law enforcement as well as injury and wrongful death attorneys.

The Dangers of T-Bone Crashes

While all sorts of collisions can occur in an intersection, the most dangerous kind by far is the T-bone crash. Also known as a broadside collision, these kinds of accidents occur when the front end of a vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle.

Side impact crashes such as T-bone collisions resulted in 1,770 passenger vehicle deaths in 2017 according to statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Common Causes of Intersection Collisions

Some of the most common causes of intersection crashes include the following:

  • Running Red Lights and Stop Signs - When drivers run red lights or disregard stop signs, they increase the chances of a crash with other vehicles.
  • Driver Distraction - Texting while driving, rubbernecking, and other kinds of inattention behind the wheel increases the chances of crashes occurring.
  • Making Illegal Turns - When left or right turns are not permitted, it’s usually to prevent accidents and traffic congestion. Making an illegal turn can increase the chances of a collision.
  • Failing to Use Turn Signals - If people are not aware of your intention to turn left or right, there’s a chance of a crash. Always use signals when turning or merging.
  • Drunk/Intoxicated Driving - Drunk driving and operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs impairs your decision-making skills and could result in an accident.

Added Dangers for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The dangers to passenger vehicles at intersections are already high. These dangers are increased when pedestrians and bicyclists are involved. Drivers may not see a pedestrian, even if they are crossing the street at a legal crosswalk. Bicyclists run a risk of being struck from the side or involved in a broadside crash with a vehicle.

Our team of lawyers will be sure to help pedestrians and bicyclists who’ve been seriously harmed in intersection collisions, and hold negligent motorists accountable.

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