Benefits of Hiring a Probate and Estate Administration Attorney By Kelly B. Miles on May 13, 2018

Estate planning and probate lawDrafting a will should never be taken lightly. The long-term legal, financial, and interpersonal repercussions must be considered in the language. This leads many people to hire a probate lawyer or estate administrator to help with such matters.

The attorneys at our Ogden, UT law firm feel that working with a probate and estate attorney is a sound idea. Below are some key benefits and advantages to working with a lawyer on your will and with estate planning.

Better Insight When Drafting a Will

While it’s possible for someone to draft a will on their own, having a lawyer help in drafting the will can be extremely beneficial. An attorney who has worked on estate law can offer insight into wording and phrasing, which ensures that your intent is always clear, cannot be misinterpreted, and legally airtight.

Attorneys Help Minimize Family Conflicts

Families can be complicated, especially when it comes to disputes over inheritance, property, and the wishes of an ailing or deceased loved one. By working with a legal professional in the creation of a will, the ambiguities of language and intent are eliminated, which helps reduce family conflicts.

Helping the Process Go Smoother and Faster

Drafting a will on your own can take time, especially given all of the factors that go into managing an estate and the financial issues related to such issues. With a lawyer on your side, drafting a will and covering all of the issues you wish to have covered will be a relatively quick process.

Protecting an Estate from Legal Claims

Though you may not realize it, legal claims against a will occur more often than people think. Creditors and people contesting a will can impact your wishes and prevent your loved ones from receiving what is due to them. A lawyer can protect your will from being legally challenged thanks to the counsel you receive while drafting the document.

Providing Insight Into Specific Matters

Some estates can be complex, especially when investments, overseas property, and other financial matters are involved. Even if you are well-versed in such matters, an experienced estate lawyer will be able to offer additional insights into special cases and specific legal matters that you may not have taken into account. Such insight is invaluable.

Understanding Fees and Other Minutiae

In addition to the big-picture insight of your estate, a probate lawyer can also remind you and advise you on the finer details. This includes fees, taxes, settling debts, and other issues that may factor into your estate. The attorney can also answer specific questions your loved ones may have about the will.

Getting Matters Right the First Time Around

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a probate and estate attorney is the ability to get things right the first time around. Working with a professional helps avoid future headaches and disputes over a will, and saves everyone in your family a great deal of time and heartache. Without a lawyer, there is less of a guarantee of getting things right initially.

Contact the Lawyers of Froerer & Miles

For more information about your legal rights and options regarding wills, estates, and other related matters, we encourage you to contact the lawyers of Froerer & Miles. With patience and compassion, we will be sure to address your concerns and help you make smart choices regarding the well-being of your family and loved ones.

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