Fight the Odds of a DUI/DWI Case with the Help of Best Attorneys in Utah By Robert L. Froerer on November 24, 2014

Looking for an expert and experienced legal counsel to battle the odds of a DUI case? Getting in touch with experienced attorneys in Utah specializing in DUI cases always has its own benefits. From familiarity with the legal processes, knowledge with regard to the details of plea bargain to the help of navigating through the complex legal procedures, an attorney helps you with it all. It is especially important to file a DUI case with the help of an attorney if you are a repeat offender. This does not mean that being a first-time offender gives you the freedom to pursue the case on your own. Even if there were no aggravating situations like reckless driving, high alcohol content in blood (BAC over .12), or DUI with a minor in the car involved with the case, you should seek the help of a specialized attorney.

DUI Case- Will Pleading Guilty Help?

If this is the first DUI case, you might just choose to plead guilty. This might end up being a wise choice, especially if you are certain about being convicted; for instance, if your BAC level is above .11 and the arresting officer attests your erratic driving, pleading guilty might help. However, before you choose doing so, you must be aware of the DUI/DWI laws in the particular region regarding the fines and penalties ; this would help you make an informed decision.

Even if you are considering pleading guilty, seeking the help of a specialized DUI attorney in Utah might affect the severity of your punishment or sentence. It is also important to note that if your BAC falls within the range .08 and .11 and there might be some question regarding the accuracy of the reading, conviction can never a certainty. In this case, seeking the help of a DUI attorney might plea your bargain better.

DUI CAse – How Sentence Bargaining Helps?

Additional to plea bargaining, a number of states have sentence bargaining. This turns out to be essentially important where pleading guilty might end up in incarceration over a long period. For isntance, you might just wish to plead guilty to a repeated DUI only if you seem to be aware of sentence. This also holds the truth with aggravated DUI cases where your BAC reads over .15. In these specific case, you certainly would not like to plead guilty, unless you are aware of the sentence. This is where having the assistance of attorneys in Utah will help.

Choosing a DUI Attorney - Things to Consider

Choosing a DUI attorney that holds expertise in DUI/DWI laws pertaining to your state requires careful analysis of some important considerations. Remember to look for an attorney that comprehensively defends DUI/DWI case with proper knowledge of the court system. Additionally, it is also important for the lawyer to know the best way of representing the case in the court. Here's what you need to consider -
  • Ensure working with attorneys specializing in DUI/DWI cases
  • Schedule a consultation with the attorney to decide whether he would be able to help you or not
  • Find out the cost the case and the representation would incur
If you are not fighting your first DUI/DWI case, always make sure to find the assistance of a specialized DUI attorney in Utah. This would help you be assured of experiencing fairest representation.

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