Charged with DUI: Do You Need An Attorney By Robert L. Froerer on October 29, 2014

Charged with DUI: Do You Need An Attorney

If you have been charged with a DUI, it can be a scary experience. Most people worry about whether or not they need an attorney to represent them or whether it is okay to handle it on their own. If you are wondering the same thing, you need to know when you need your own DUI attorney Utah.

Doing Things On Your own:

If you are still reading, it can be assumed that you haven’t yet hired an attorney. You may have well handled your own arraignment, learned about sobriety tests and required count for alcohol in your blood stream and a lot more. You may also have thought about the chances of your winning at the trial and wondering whether a public defender may be a good idea.

Getting a Professional Opinion:

Now that you have reasonably studied up on the subject, getting a professional opinion from an Ogden DUI attorney is your next step. It is possible that you can get someone who will charge you a reasonable fee for his professional opinion about your case.

If You Plead Guilty:

You really don’t need an Ogden DUI attorney to plead guilty to your DUI charge. If it is a first offense and there is no injury and you know you are going to plead guilty, there is no reason why you may need professional counsel. Pleading guilty is a very good idea if you have a high BAC or there is irrefutable evidence that you were driving under influence.

If You Want a Plea Bargain:

This is where you may need a good DUI attorney Utah. If your BAC is very low or if you were not engaged in any kind of drunken behavior, the prosecutor may feel that the case cannot be won. This is the time when a plea bargain will work where you will be charged with a lesser offense such as reckless driving. It may even be a misdemeanor and will result in less harsh sentencing.

Using the Public Defender

If your income is low and you have little or no assets, you may qualify to have a public defender help you. But if you don’t meet the criteria, you will have to hire your own attorney. In any case, public defenders of today usually have an extremely high case load and are thereby are not of much use if you are worried about the charge.

Getting Professional Help

When selecting an attorney to help you get out of the situation, make sure you find someone who is not only reputed, but has also helped defend similar cases before. If you live in Utah, a professional who has been practicing in the area for some time is your best bet. This is especially true if you are not sure about your chances of being acquitted. Only the most professional and able attorney will be able to help you in your time of crisis.

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