Common Defenses That Can Be Taken Up With Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys By Robert L. Froerer on April 03, 2014

Common Defenses That Can Be Taken Up With Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys

When it comes to convicting a criminal defendant, the prosecutor usually works to hold the defendant guilty above all means and doubts. As part of the court proceedings, the defendant is offered the opportunity of defending his case. This is when people turn to Utah criminal defense attorneys. Simply because, putting up a strong defense at the court of law without proper professional assistance is not an easy task. While the defendant is given the opportunity to defend his act, the most common defenses turn out to be ‘I did not mean to commit the crime’ or ‘It was not intentional and was committed under influence’. Your attorney can best help you regarding the type of defense that you should put up to save major disappointment following the trial.

Top Defenses that might Work for Your Case

Wondering about the type of defenses that you can put up during the trial? Take a look at the following list, but always attempt the same with the help of a specialized defense attorney.

The Defendant Did Not Commit any Crime

This is probably the most common defense that you can put up in the Utah court to avoid or lessen the punishment. Here’s what works for them –

  • The Innocence Show: As per the standard legal guidelines, people accused of committing a crime are considered innocent until proven through the trial process or while pleading guilty. This presumption in fact indicates that the prosecutor by all means need to prove the defendant’s guilt to the jury. The defendant need not take up any extra effort to prove his innocence. If the prosecutor fails convincing the jury, the defendant gets to walk out without any charges.

  • Reasonable Doubt: In this particular act, the prosecutor should convince the jury or the judge about the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This serious matter of proving criminal cases indicates that the judges should take the effort to solve all doubts regarding the defendant’s guilt in the defendant’s favor. It is advisable that you work on such defense with the assistance of specialized Utah criminal defense attorneys.

  • Alibi Defense: This particular approach offers evidence that the defendant was not present at the crime scene when the act was committed.

The Defendant is Guilty, but there are exceptions

At times, the punishment of a defendant can be reduced or avoided, even if the prosecutor proves him guilty of committing a crime. Here’s a look –

  • Self Defense: This is commonly adopted by individuals charged with a crime involving violence. In this approach, the defendant admits of committing a crime, but justifies the action on the grounds the other person’s threatening or improper acts. This again should be taken up with the help of a professional defense attorney.

  • Insanity Defense: This approach works on the belief that punishment is only feasible provided the person convicted of the crime is able to understand the far-reaching consequences of the crime committed by him. This is a complex defense and requires careful analysis.

  • Under the Influence: At times, defendants tend to defend their act saying it was committed under influence and was never intentional. However, usually voluntary intoxication never excuses ant type of crime and such kind of defense should be handled with care. It is recommended that you take up all sorts of DUI case under strict supervision of specialized Utah criminal defense attorneys for ensuring a fair trial.

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