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If you are buying or selling a home or property, legal issues involving title clearance, liens, boundaries, and more can become confusing.

The title review lawyers at Froerer & Miles in Ogden, UT, have protected the rights of real estate buyers and sellers for decades.

Having your title thoroughly reviewed by Froerer & Miles can ensure its legality and prevent unexpected litigation in the future...

"We've Always Had the Tradition of Getting Results for Our Clients."

We have been a trusted part of the Ogden, UT, community for over 60 years. You can depend on us to conduct your title review and settle any real estate disputes that may arise. If you are buying or selling in the Ogden or Layton areas, protect yourself by consulting our team.

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Dealing with a contentious real estate transaction or need an attorney to guide you through an upcoming real estate sale or purchase? The real estate attorneys at our Ogden, UT, law firm will clearly explain how we can resolve disputes and make your transaction less complicated and stressful. 

We are sure you will appreciate the value, investigative work, and knowledge of Utah law that our attorneys can bring to your title review. To set up your free consultation, use our simple online form or call our Ogden, UT, law firm today. Protecting the legal rights of Utah real estate buyers and sellers has been a Froerer & Miles tradition for over 30 years.

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5-Star Reviews for Our Real Estate Attorneys "Overall just a great firm to work with."


Bailey Hall


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I've worked with this Law Firm and Zane Froerer for several years. One of the best attributes that they have is they are big enough to handle most legal matters but small enough to still give the appropriate attention to their Clients. Zane and his staff of Corrine and Lisa do an excellent job of helping you with your legal matters but not charging you an arm and a leg. Overall just a great firm to work with!

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Sue Wilkerson


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I came to Zane Froerer with an easement dispute - with some really difficult plaintiffs on the other side. Zane was always quick to respond, and handled everything with efficiency. Although "value" in attorneys fees is not always evident, the piece of mind that comes in knowing that I was right, and taking away my stress, it was worth it.

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How Can a Real Estate Attorney Title Review Protect Me?

A title review, also known as a title search, can find previously unknown real estate transaction risks, especially when the review is conducted by our Ogden, UT, legal team. Our goal is for the title company handling the transaction to have zero problems transferring the property title between parties, and for you to have no legal issues along the way. Typical title issues include:

Undisclosed Property Owners

Our real estate attorneys ensure that the property's current owners are listed to avoid future legal challenges. Sometimes past owners, including deceased ones, are still found on titles. 

Liens or Judgements

Our attorneys can determine if any creditors can seize the real estate you are buying due to any outstanding debts incurred by the current owner.

Pending Lawsuits

Did someone file a lawsuit against the property owner because they were injured while on the premises? A title search by our attorneys may reveal lawsuits you might inherit as the property's new owner. 

Financial Issues

If the seller has outstanding property tax debt, you need to know so that you don't inherit the debt. And if the mortgage has been paid off, our attorneys will make sure that is recorded so you don't make unnecessary payments. 

Boundary Disputes

Our Ogden, UT, lawyers will determine the exact boundaries of the property you are buying or selling to avoid legal or personal disputes between you and bordering neighbors.

Easement Issues

This involves the seller of a property making a past agreement to let a third party use the land you are purchasing. For example, the seller may have allowed a neighbor to park an RV on the property. Our attorneys can resolve any related disputes.

What Happens after the Title Review?

If any legal issues like the ones listed above are identified during the review, our Ogden, UT, law firm will begin the title clearance process.
Our lawyers will work directly with all relevant parties to resolve any legal or financial problems found during the review.
Once the title clearance is completed, the title company working with your lender can begin the process of transferring the title between parties. 

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Thinking of buying or selling in the Ogden or Layton areas? Do not leave yourself unprotected during a real estate transaction. Call on the title review lawyers of Froerer & Miles today for title review and clearance services.

More 5-Star Reviews for Froerer & Miles "Consummate professionals that can handle any legal issues you may have."


Ryan Steinbeigle


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Terrific law firm. Responsive and timely with any requests that we've had. Consummate professionals that can handle any legal issues you may have. Highly recommend.

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Tracy Eyres


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I appreciate the time and professionalism of Bob and his team in handling my legal matters. Their response to inquiries was always prompt and questions we answered to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Froerer & Miles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you represent buyers and sellers?

Yes. Legal issues regarding real estate can negatively affect a client's ability to purchase or sell a property. Whether you are a seller needing legal assistance because your buyer breached the contract, or a buyer seeking to sue the seller for failing to disclose a problem with the property, Froerer & Miles can give you the top-grade representation you deserve. 

How will I be billed for your services?

We charge a competitive hourly rate that is discussed during your no-pressure, free consultation. We leave it up to you to weigh the value of our experience, knowledge, and success as real estate attorneys.

How experienced are your lawyers?

Robert L. Froerer, our legal team leader, has over 30 years of Utah real estate law experience alone.

Do you handle other kinds of law cases?

Yes. We welcome cases involving family law, personal injury, and civil litigation. We also offer estate planning and probate services.

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The attorneys at Froerer & Miles have successfully represented clients in a wide range of practice areas since 1959. Our team of attorneys can protect your best interests in matters related to:

  • Family Law
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  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Business Law
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We offer free consultations and provide honest feedback to potential clients regarding their cases. To request your free consultation, contact us online or call us at (801) 621-2690.

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