A Contract Lawyer Can Help Your Business Thrive

Contract lawyers benefit and protect businesses and home buyers and sellers alike. Business owners often make the mistake of waiting until they get sued to hire an attorney. A good contract lawyer will make sure you are thoroughly prepared if, and when, this happens. Prospective home buyers and sellers also benefit from legal documentation that clarifies terms and conditions to avoid disputes. Froerer & Miles has the right contract lawyer to fit your needs at our Ogden, UT, practice. We have helped small businesses and prospective home buyers and sellers for decades. Our versatile team can review contracts across a wide range of industries.

Our attorneys can represent you in drafting, reviewing, and signing contracts to avoid potential legal obstacles.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

Contracts are necessary in a wide range of industries and for many purposes, such as:

  • Insurance – Construction is an industry that is heavily reliant on contractors and subcontractors. As such, written procedures must be in place detailing what insurance coverages are available and at what cost.
  • Hiring and Firing – In several types of businesses, staff hiring and firing can lead to lengthy legal battles if terms have not been established ahead of time.
  • Intellectual Property – In manufacturing, companies must protect their operating systems and designs with intellectual property licensing agreements.

Our attorneys can represent you in drafting, reviewing, and signing contracts to avoid potential legal obstacles.

Scope of Contracts

Paperwork with penThe scope of business contracts will vary by industry, however, there are a number of items you are likely to see often.

Non-Compete Clause

Employers protect their investments and prevent the dissemination of proprietary documents and information by asking employees to sign a non-compete clause. These contracts typically require that employees do not share sensitive information with their employer’s competitors during the contract and for some length of time after.


Employers and employees must be aware what grounds are cause for terminating a contract. Specifics will likely differ from one employer to the next. For example, some employers terminate employees on a first offense, whereas others provide warnings.

Buy and Sell Agreements

In the event that a business has more than one owner, a buy and sell agreement must be in place to state what will happen should one owner encounter a significant life event.

Drafting Your Next Contract

Contracts must serve two basic functions: they must be agreed upon by all parties and they must exchange something of value. They must be written in specific, clear language. Since 1959, the contract lawyers at Froerer & Miles have been writing contracts for businesses throughout the state. We offer comprehensive contract writing services that take you from start to finish. From the basics to the finer details, we know how to draft contracts to help your business reach its full potential.

Reviewing Your Contract

Before signing any contract, you need to make certain that you understand all of its contents. We protect your best interests by ensuring fairness and explaining everything in detail so you know exactly what you are looking at. Contracts are often written in complicated technical language so having a contract lawyer there to explain unfamiliar terms is critical. In the event that you need to amend a contract, we can submit adjustments to fit your needs.

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