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A Child Support Lawyer Can Answer Legal Answers and Custody Questions

Once the issue of custody is resolved, judges begin to examine the issue of child support and answer the questions of who should receive how much in order to care for the children. Utah, like many other states, has enacted child support guidelines that calculate payments based on factors such as income, the number of children in the family, previous support obligations, medical and day care costs, and more.

Our lawyers can explain what these guidelines mean to you and help put together the accurate and detailed information you need — regardless of which side of the issue you are on.

Two of the questions that we answer often are: “How much child support will I have to pay?”, or, “How much support will I receive?”

At Froerer & Miles, we serve as lawyers and as counselors to divorce clients in the Ogden area and throughout northern Utah. A large part of this involves simply answering questions so that clients feel, if not better, at least more comfortable with what is happening in their lives. Two of the questions that people usually have in relation to child support and child welfare, and ones that we answer often are: “How much child support will I have to pay?”, or, “How much support will I receive?”

While the state’s Uniform Child Support Guidelines are intended to standardize methods of calculating payments, the laws also recognize that not all families or custody arrangements are the same. For this reason, judges do have the discretion to deviate from the guidelines. It is also for this reason that in “true” joint custody or split custody situations, child support is calculated differently.

Before the issue of child custody has been resolved in your case, we can help you calculate roughly how much support you can expect to pay or receive under different scenarios — knowledge that can make a difference in future decisions. In addition, our divorce lawyers are also available to represent you in the enforcement of existing child support orders, or in seeking to obtain post-divorce modifications to current support payments or obligations.

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