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"Froerer and Miles Pc was very easy to schedule with. We could schedule on a timely basis which was important for our time constraint. They are very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Prices are fair and he provided all the services plus more-a very informative recommendation and he made us aware of things we hadn't thought of. We definitely could see he had years of experience and years of education to back that up. I cannot stress enough how extremely professional he was."

Renee G

"Bob Frorerer was extremely knowledgeable. He was easy to talk to and easy to explain things to. I thought he was very thorough in how he represented me. I recommend him."

Jim F.

"I have recommended them before, and will continue to do so. Froerer and Miles PC is a great service my company uses for evictions. He is fast, speedy, quick. He doesn't draw things out and I like the efficiency. I have been using him about 10 years and he is a great communicator."

Sharon H.

"I have used Froerer & Miles, P.C. for a couple types of business. They have worked with my businesses and helped me with lawsuits. They have been timely and gotten things done when they said they will be done. They are thorough, accurate, and they bring things down to my level so I can understand. So, I have referred them a fair amount, and I will continue to refer them."

Rex B.

"It was a good experience. I've used Froerer and Miles for a few things. It was a very professional, thoughtful process. They had excellent customer service. I was very happy with them."

Dan P.

"I was very happy and well pleased with the service from Kelly Miles and Bryce Froerer. They explained things for a non-legal mind carefully and thoroughly. If I had any questions, I could ask anything and they would give a good answer. I was so satisfied. Most people don't speak legalese and need translation. Froerer & Miles, P.C. met me with a smile. They were thorough and efficient, but never turned down a question. They answered everything for us, and believe me, we had a lot. I would definitely recommend their firm because they are thorough and considerate."

Marilyn H.

"I had done all the court documents myself with an online program, then I hired Froerer & Miles at the very end to come to court and present my case to the judge. I did have them look over the paperwork before going to court, and they made a few suggestions, which I had them do, and then they came to court for me. It was regarding my 15 year old son who, at the time, was staying at his dad's house to race dirt bikes which violated the custody agreement we made when his father and I got divorced. I was able to get custody back that very day when the judge ordered my son returned to me."

Gina B.

"Froerer & Miles was very good. I felt I got a fair judgment on my divorce. They kept things from getting out of hand."

Linda F.

"I think the people at Froerer & Miles listen and are responsive. They know what they are doing. I think that about sums it up. There were other competitors but I picked them because of referrals. People told me they were good."

Doug N.

"We had a situation we needed to deal with quickly. It was an experience I'd never been in before, and I wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Bob from Froerer & Miles Pc, helped us move forward with the dilemma we were in, since it was a kind of a timely matter and we were under a lot of pressure to make decisions quickly. Bob was so responsive and when we had questions, he answered them almost immediately. When it came to getting the documentations and contracts done, he was there, once again, to help us and to give us guidance through the process. I have worked with a number of attorney's over the years, and none have been as timely, responsive and professional to work with. I would absolutely use Bob again and would highly recommend him to anybody."

Howard C.

"We've used Froerer & Miles Pc for several things over the years. We've used them for the water company, land deals and counselling in divorce cases I've done. Overall, they've been really responsive about getting back to me on time. They put the importance of doing their due diligence and research to find out what all the different angles will be. I will definitely continue using them in the future."

Michael R.

"Bob Frorerer is a really good lawyer. Overall, it was a good experience with as good of an outcome as possible. Bob is a very honest and open guy. He is upfront with his clients and lets you know what to expect. He definitely helped me out."

Jeff P.

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Froerer & Miles

The attorneys at Froerer & Miles have successfully represented clients in a wide range of practice areas since 1959. Our team of attorneys can protect your best interests in matters related to:

  • Family Law
  • Estate law
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Business Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Litigation

We offer free consultations and provide honest feedback to potential clients regarding their cases. To request your free consultation, contact us online or call us at (801) 621-2690.

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