Landlord-Tenant Issues: Legal Assistance with Rental Disputes By Zane S. Froerer on January 02, 2018

Lease agreement for rentersWhen disputes occur between tenants and landlords, it’s important to have an attorney available to help you in your time of legal need. The lawyers of Froerer & Miles have helped countless people in the greater Ogden, UT area with these kinds of matters. We have years of experience with real estate law as well as renters’ rights/tenant issues.

Below are just a few examples of legal disputes that might arise between tenants and their landlords. Our attorneys are here to help with any matters related to broken leases, rent increases, and other questionable actions by landlords.

Dealing with Evictions

Sometimes a landlord attempts to evict a tenant for unjust reasons. It may be to force old tenants out in order to attract new tenants and charge more for rent. Some evictions could be retaliatory actions against a tenant, an act of punishment that is unwarranted. If you are being wrongfully or forcefully evicted from your apartment without a good reason, seeking legal counsel can help you remain in your apartment.

Discriminatory Practices by a Landlord

Certain landlords may be engaging in discriminatory practices, acting against people because of gender, racial/ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, or disabilities. Legal action against the landlord can help hold them accountable for their discriminatory practices.

In addition, these kinds of illegal actions should be reported to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Complaints can also be filed with any applicable regional, state, or local advocacy groups who specialize in tenant rights.

Landlord Does Not Make Repairs

It’s a landlord’s duty to keep their property maintained and habitable. Failure to make key repairs can lead to serious difficulties for tenants. For example, not fixing the heating system in an apartment building can cause major problems during wintertime. Similarly, the lack of hot water can make simple tasks like showering or shaving extremely difficult for tenants.

Landlord Does Not Keep Promises About Improvements

Landlords may make promises about improvements to a property that benefit tenants but fail to follow through. This might include installing cameras in hallways or improving the light fixtures in corridors to help improve building safety. If your landlord continually fails to follow through on promises, legal action against them may be warranted.

Injuries at a Rental Property

A lack of repairs or improvements could result in an injury at a rental property. Failure to fix the stairs could result in dangerous slip and fall accidents, for example. Broken doors at the entrance to a building may increase the risk of assaults, robberies/burglaries, and other harmful activities at a property. Landlords should bear some responsibility for these injuries if they occur as a result of their negligence.

Property Damage Due to Landlord Negligence

In addition to injuries caused by a negligent landlords, personal property could be destroyed or damaged. A ceiling may collapse in a common area in the apartment, destroying furniture and someone’s laptop. A burst pipe that is not fixed can cause water damage to countless belongings that will now need to be replaced.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Landlord-tenant disputes can be fraught matters, with drawn out legal battles and complicated state and local laws to keep in mind. A tenants’ rights attorney can provide you with expert counsel during these kinds of legal disputes. Noting the evidence in your case and considering the laws in the books, a lawyer will help you every step of the way and offer peace of mind as the process unfolds.

Contact Froerer & Miles

For more information about your legal rights and options when you have a dispute with your landlord, be sure to contact our team of landlord and tenant dispute attorneys today. The lawyers of Froerer & Miles will help you by providing expert legal counsel every step of the way.

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